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Saturday, July 15, 2017

My pilgrim Journey Part I

Hi there my beloved-untouched-blog (blog jablay ...wkwkwkw) ... but i still love you, and hello to my beloved reader.

First of all sorry for my soo late post, i know ... my bad but i was not neglected my blog, it just ... really hard to write something these days, i need the idea, and the idea just came a little bit late, maybe the post office a little bit busy up there.

Anyway today i want to share my story about my journey to the Holly land. Please read this post with healthy mind, please do not screw it. We are what we believe, and we shall respect it as long as what we believe is generate peaceful right ?

Finally i decided to go pilgrim journey to Israel on March 2017, since Jesus was born there, not just that but so many incredible things had happened there 2000 years ago and until now. First thought actually i was a little bit afraid ... just a little. You know about the news all the time spread about conflict between countries in the Middle East, but once again faith was the winner. I always thought if we think about good purpose i believe all the universe will conspire to support me, and i guess this was the invitation the sign i have to go there. You know, even if you have a lot of money, and a lot of time but without invitation or sign from above you will not gonna enter the Holly land. Don't believe me? Then you should read Exodus in the Holy bible when Israel nation walked around and around and it takes 40 years to reach the promise land, why ? .... Because they don't have GPS ... hahaha ... just kidding.
Talked about the conflict, once i asked my Israeli tour leader, He is Israeli but can speak bahasa fluently. I asked why the promise land should be here in Israel? Why so many kingdom wanted it since thousand years ago until now? He said, this land (Israel) is a bridge, it connect Europe, Asia, and Africa. Who can managed to seize it, will have a lot of advantages.

So i did sign up for the tour, and the it day, 15 March 2017 we all gathered in airport, we flew to Abu Dhabi for 7 hours, and continue to Amman, Jordan for 3 hours flight with Etihad Air. Landed in Queen Alia International Airport the kingdom of Jordan, we continue with bus trip for almost 2.5 hours to the Allenby border control from Jordan to Israel. Well to be honest to get in to this country was not easy, i had to pass 6 passport control, i had to bring my own luggage, i had to lifted it up to the conveyor belt, anyone assistance was forbidden, lucky i didn't bring big luggage. Once i had a friend detained for almost 3 hours, and the bus could not continue the trip because of him.

IMPORTANT : While in Israel, you have to beware with your belongings, the most important is your passport, once you lost it ... you screw! There is no KBRI there, the nearest KBRI is in Jordan and to go to Jordan you need passport. Once, i asked my tour leader how if i lost my passport? He said, the way out  is to marry with Israel man or woman, you got new identity and passport then you can get out. Hmmm ... the Israel man and woman mostly handsome and beautiful, so maybe most of you will not mind it (sekalian memperbaiki keturunan - to improve the offspring) hahaha.  Take a look at Gal Gadot ... most lady in Israel have a face like her. After read this, please do not throw away your passport once you get there okay!

On my way from Abu Dhabi to Amman i saw these, i thought the plates were UFO landed mark ... hahaha, stupid. Those were plantation in the desert. I think this area already in Jordania.

After reached Israel, the night already there, the bus brought us straight to the Hotel, the Hotel located at Tiberias lake, the name of the Hotel is Caesar Premier Hotel. I was so lucky i had room with balcony the view was so gorgeous, the Tiberias lake.

The view from my room in the morning, sun rise at Tiberias Lake.

Day 1 : Mount Hermon - Banias ( Caesarea Filipi) - The Wedding of Kana 

Mount Hermon, is one of the mountain in the Golan Height, the peak located in Israel - Syria border. Let me try to tell a little bit of history regarding this place. This place was belong to Syria, but in 1967 there were Six-Day-War and Israel managed to seize Golan Height. No ... i am not gonna tell further about history because this is mystory ... krik .. krik. Anyway, from this peak, Syria country can be seen. In the holy bible said, a the flow of blessing like the dew that flows from Hermon mountain to Sion mountains (psalm 133:1-3), in fact when Hermon's snow melts, the water will flow to Galilee lake, and the flow continue and stoped at Dead Sea. 

At the peak of Hermon, what did i see ? I surely can't remember it ... maybe i saw a handsome soldier hahah. Well, that is Golan Height, maybe part of Syria ... i don't know, but surely very beautiful here.

How to get up there? By cable car like this one ... scary indeed! I was on my way back down.

This is the monument war of Yom Kippur war ... read it by your self okay. So this place is very important to rule the world. I was very lucky to came here when in peace time. Anyway the story of Yom Kippur war is one of my fave story, can tell ya here, remember this is mystory not history ... hihihi (garing kayak kerupuk).

Next destination was Banias / Caesarea Philippi / Caesarea Panias, This place is an old city of Rome, this place has springs, and a big cave called Grotto, the cave has Pan temple inside. Pan is on of the Greek Gods, He is a God of the wild shepherd in Greek mythology. This place also known as Peter's confession in the holy bible, where Peter confess that Jesus is son of God and Messiah (Mathew 16). For me, this place was extraordinary beautiful. 

#NoFilter ... the view was amazing wasn't it ? Caesare Philippi ... aku padamu! Muka ndeso foto disini pasti jadi cantik.

Inside the cave, where the Rome people did sacrifice things, usually they threw calves to the grotto.

The ruins of the temple. 

Thousand years ago, this place should be like in the picture above.

Last destination of the first day tour was The wedding Kana, we visited Kana city, there is a church that is believed as a place where the wedding in the bible held, the first miracle of Jesus, when He turned water into wine. The architecture of the churches here mainly influenced by Rome, actually the church is not the origin like thousand years ago. Churches here, built by catholic evangelist from Rome hundred years ago. 

This is Church of Kana, the source of this pict was taken from Google, my picture of Kana Church is full of people ... T_T.

For Catholic people, they can worship inside the church, but for non-Catholic, we worship behind the church. This is a beautiful church, take a look inside by Googling it, you will wondering to get marry there with Israeli people ... maybe (please do not wondering about Gal Gadot here ... heloo). Around the area, there were a lot of souvenir shops that sells wine, but do not seek for Cap Tikus or Topi Miring here, okay! But, you can buy 15-20 years old wine there, my fave is King David, its not too sweet, not like any other brand. For me sweet wine taste strange, i think i never drink sweet wine, i wonder is it real, or they put sugar in the wine ... hehehe. If you want to shop wine, shop here! You will not find it anywhere else besides here in Kana.

This crock (picture above) is believed as the original crock from Jesus era. In the wedding, wine for the guest was stored here.  So big, i wonder how the lift it? Nothing impossible for God right.

So, i wrap my story here, this is the end of my first day there, hopefully it wont take long times to write my second part (cross finger). Thank you for reading, muachh.

Attraversiamo ...

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Cast away at Pulo Cinta Eco Resort, Gorontalo

from 30 m above, taken with Dji Phantom 3

Warning ... this post contains alot of pictures that can make you "ngeces", the image of the picts maybe can last until 3 days when you close your eyes ... hahaha.

Last Monday i had a chance to visit Sulawesi Island for the first time. Every "first time" for me is nervous, i wonder what kind of situation that will i face there, but surely the excitement is addict. Pulo Cinta Eco resort located at Tomini Gulf Sulawesi, Gorontalo. The plane took of at 7 am, 2 hours flew, landed in Makasar, transit time for about 20 minutes and flew again to Gorontalo about 1 hour. Inside the plane that has capacity of 200 chairs, there were only few people ... maybe about 25 there, including my family. Not really famous destination i guess. 

Actually, what do you expect from Gorontalo tourism? Before, i was no idea, i just knew Pulo Cinta Eco resort from a paid Blogger. The place in the picture was candy of my eyes. When saw it, i flashed back my times in Maldives, ok hmm ... so later i will tell my experience there, but now back to Gorontalo tourism. If you are not sea and sun fans, hmm surely you will get bored here. I will try describe one by one. In Gorontalo there is the famous Olele Beach the place you can snork or dive to see Salvador Dali sponge coral, in Gorontalo you also can snork and swim with the giant soft hearted shark whale, Destiny in Finding Dory movie, but only in April until May in a year. In Gorontalo you can visit and experience cast away life at Pulo Cinta Eco resort, In Gorontalo you can visit Kampung Bajo tribe and buy life lobster with only 200.000 Idr / Kg, this tribe once i saw in TV how they dive so brave, they are famous as very expert sailor. Ok, there are famous spot that i know in Gorontalo. Anyway drove through Gorontalo city, reminds me of "pulang kampung" in Belitung, the houses, the neighbourhood similiar with Belitung in Sumatra.

The view from above Gorontalo when the plane almost landing was so spectacular, but also preculiar. For me It so unusual to saw that kind of beautiful facade of earth. I've been everywhere in the world, but this one was so special, the beauty was none i've ever seen in any place, i was awe, later i will share the video. 

Landed 1 pm in Djalaludin Airport Gorontalo, the airport is very small with only two parking spaces for airplane. From aiport, i continued 3 hours car to Boalemo district, to the pier of Pulo Cinta. Well it was not a friendly road, the road was winding and uphill, if you ever gone to Puncak, the road is exactly the same but very long, super long and longger. So my sugest, prepare plastic for your vomit. Arrived at the pier, continued with speed boat for almost 30 minutes. The Pulo Cinta actualy is a sand bank in the middle of the sea at Tomini gulf.  The weather was drizzle when i arrived there, no sun at all.

cuss kita, from pier to Pulo Cinta

Glad i made it here! Sun where are you ?

I was so amazed with my villa, the design, the material, and the spectacular view of my bed room. I watched specificaly all the wood they put it one by one in very simple and humble way, it was like they want to create it as natural as it can, but the design of the villa was very avant garde ...umm .. at least for me.

the bed i think was super king size, it was so big!

This is the resto the food, water, and snack was unlimited! Eat until you drop

the view from my bed room day 1 without the sun

the view from another bed room with the sun

I love the villa, looks soo preculiar for me.

I enjoyed being "anak pulau", i walked with bare food everywhere in the island, if i wanted to swim i jumped into the water, if hungry i went to the resto, the resto will serve food, snack, and water without limit. No sunscreen, no umbrella, no sandal, no hairdryer, no fake, i feel so natural and free ... in the noon. But the night, it really depended on solar cell above the villa, it was so depended with the sun. If no sun in the daylight so prepare for "mati kutu" at the night, sometimes no electricity, no TV, no water, no aircon ... Internet? ... in your dream. The wifi was fake, on the phone screen the signal was strong, but couldn't connect at all. But no wifi no problem, the kids throwed away their cellphone and became "anak pulau", so proud of them. Eventhough can not compare to five stars Baros Maldives resort, I really enjoyed the life of "terdampar", it was truly another exotic experienced in my life. Thank u God, you are so good.

when the night came

Things to do in Pulo Cinta Eco Resort :

Swim ... ready to jump!

and jump again ...

or you can naik bebek ... if you bored

Or you can visit Kampung Bajo to buy lobster, they are very expert sailorman.

Bajo tribe village

Snorkling, but unfortunaly the sea city under ... not really put my jaw droped.

and berjemur, sun bath on the bebek.

visit the baby shark whale ... Destinyyy

That were all my activities in Pulo Cinta for 3 days and 2 night. Thank u for reading ... attraversiamo!