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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Cast away at Pulo Cinta Eco Resort, Gorontalo

from 30 m above, taken with Dji Phantom 3

Warning ... this post contains alot of pictures that can make you "ngeces", the image of the picts maybe can last until 3 days when you close your eyes ... hahaha.

Last Monday i had a chance to visit Sulawesi Island for the first time. Every "first time" for me is nervous, i wonder what kind of situation that will i face there, but surely the excitement is addict. Pulo Cinta Eco resort located at Tomini Gulf Sulawesi, Gorontalo. The plane took of at 7 am, 2 hours flew, landed in Makasar, transit time for about 20 minutes and flew again to Gorontalo about 1 hour. Inside the plane that has capacity of 200 chairs, there were only few people ... maybe about 25 there, including my family. Not really famous destination i guess. 

Actually, what do you expect from Gorontalo tourism? Before, i was no idea, i just knew Pulo Cinta Eco resort from a paid Blogger. The place in the picture was candy of my eyes. When saw it, i flashed back my times in Maldives, ok hmm ... so later i will tell my experience there, but now back to Gorontalo tourism. If you are not sea and sun fans, hmm surely you will get bored here. I will try describe one by one. In Gorontalo there is the famous Olele Beach the place you can snork or dive to see Salvador Dali sponge coral, in Gorontalo you also can snork and swim with the giant soft hearted shark whale, Destiny in Finding Dory movie, but only in April until May in a year. In Gorontalo you can visit and experience cast away life at Pulo Cinta Eco resort, In Gorontalo you can visit Kampung Bajo tribe and buy life lobster with only 200.000 Idr / Kg, this tribe once i saw in TV how they dive so brave, they are famous as very expert sailor. Ok, there are famous spot that i know in Gorontalo. Anyway drove through Gorontalo city, reminds me of "pulang kampung" in Belitung, the houses, the neighbourhood similiar with Belitung in Sumatra.

The view from above Gorontalo when the plane almost landing was so spectacular, but also preculiar. For me It so unusual to saw that kind of beautiful facade of earth. I've been everywhere in the world, but this one was so special, the beauty was none i've ever seen in any place, i was awe, later i will share the video. 

Landed 1 pm in Djalaludin Airport Gorontalo, the airport is very small with only two parking spaces for airplane. From aiport, i continued 3 hours car to Boalemo district, to the pier of Pulo Cinta. Well it was not a friendly road, the road was winding and uphill, if you ever gone to Puncak, the road is exactly the same but very long, super long and longger. So my sugest, prepare plastic for your vomit. Arrived at the pier, continued with speed boat for almost 30 minutes. The Pulo Cinta actualy is a sand bank in the middle of the sea at Tomini gulf.  The weather was drizzle when i arrived there, no sun at all.

cuss kita, from pier to Pulo Cinta

Glad i made it here! Sun where are you ?

I was so amazed with my villa, the design, the material, and the spectacular view of my bed room. I watched specificaly all the wood they put it one by one in very simple and humble way, it was like they want to create it as natural as it can, but the design of the villa was very avant garde ...umm .. at least for me.

the bed i think was super king size, it was so big!

This is the resto the food, water, and snack was unlimited! Eat until you drop

the view from my bed room day 1 without the sun

the view from another bed room with the sun

I love the villa, looks soo preculiar for me.

I enjoyed being "anak pulau", i walked with bare food everywhere in the island, if i wanted to swim i jumped into the water, if hungry i went to the resto, the resto will serve food, snack, and water without limit. No sunscreen, no umbrella, no sandal, no hairdryer, no fake, i feel so natural and free ... in the noon. But the night, it really depended on solar cell above the villa, it was so depended with the sun. If no sun in the daylight so prepare for "mati kutu" at the night, sometimes no electricity, no TV, no water, no aircon ... Internet? ... in your dream. The wifi was fake, on the phone screen the signal was strong, but couldn't connect at all. But no wifi no problem, the kids throwed away their cellphone and became "anak pulau", so proud of them. Eventhough can not compare to five stars Baros Maldives resort, I really enjoyed the life of "terdampar", it was truly another exotic experienced in my life. Thank u God, you are so good.

when the night came

Things to do in Pulo Cinta Eco Resort :

Swim ... ready to jump!

and jump again ...

or you can naik bebek ... if you bored

Or you can visit Kampung Bajo to buy lobster, they are very expert sailorman.

Bajo tribe village

Snorkling, but unfortunaly the sea city under ... not really put my jaw droped.

and berjemur, sun bath on the bebek.

visit the baby shark whale ... Destinyyy

That were all my activities in Pulo Cinta for 3 days and 2 night. Thank u for reading ... attraversiamo!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Daun Karya First Charter ... Thank You

Baru kemarin saya update blog mengenai Daun tim building yang dilaksanakan Januari 2017, kemarin tepatnya tanggal 4 Mei 2017 saya mendapat penghargaan dari Bank BTN, selaku penyalur kredit perumahan terbesar di Indonesia. Daun Karya Development merupakan Pengembang dengan realisasi KPR non-subsidi terbanyak periode 2016-2017 di BTN Harapan Indah Bekasi. 

Saya mau sampaikan terimakasih yang tak terhingga kepada Tuhan saya Jesus, kepada Konsumen yang telah mempercayakan masa depannya kepada kami, kepada Bank BTN untuk kerja samanya, dan tentunya untuk para Jagoan - jagoan saya Mba Tantri, Mas Zen, Mas Ranto, Mas Mar, dan Ci Riri serta seluruh staff Daun Karya.

Buat saya, yang penting kerja dengan benar dan jujur, memberikan yang terbaik dan maksimal untuk setiap insan yang terkait dengan proyek, saya yakin Tuhan akan memberkati. Semoga dengan piagam ini, makin membuat Daun Karya lebih semangat dan lebih baik kedepannya. Amin

Attraversiamo ... terimakasih untuk para pembaca, Gbu.