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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Caravan - Taman Safari

Last weekend i and family decided to visit Taman Safari Indonesia to introduced our little one to all kind of animals and also to the mother nature. One of her favorite songs is "Naik - naik ke Puncak Gunung", and i wanted to show her what was the song exactly. And luckily we had a chance to overnight at Caravan Taman Safari, the place where we can sleep on the lap of mother nature. Where you feel so close to the nature and all the animals and bugs surrounds you, even you can hear them sing. I felt so comfort, so peace at this place so far from all the hectic and crowd. And one of the place that i will missed so much.

Caravan is divided into two kinds of lodges, one is the Caravan cars and the other is bungalows. Unlucky that we couldn't stay in the Caravan cars because all the cars is fully booked since one month ago. Car lodges is smaller from the size of the room, the capacity is only for 3 - 4 persons, while the single bungalow can consist of 4 - 7 person (if you brought your own mattress).

If you stay at Caravan, you will get discount 50% to enter the Safari night, and free to enter Taman Safari the day after, but only for recreational area.

The facilities :
1. Swimming pool
2. Whirl pool / hot pool
3. Badminton fields
4. Restaurant

The price (in IDR) :
For single bungalow like i stayed : 845.000 + extra bed 100.000 (weekend price). For double room bungalow is about 1.400.000 (weekend price). For the caravan, arround 600.000 (two storey bed) - 1.400.000 (have double bed + 1 singe bed inside the caravan).

So here are some pictures :

The single bungalow i stayed, Zebra 10.

The living room

Bed Room

Dining Room

Feel like tarzan

The Caravan car

Like i said, sleep on the lap of mother nature .... so beautiful

Swimming pool near the restaurant.

Badminto field, prepare the rackets and shuttlecock !

And when you go breakfast between 7 am - 9 am, you will be accompanied by Orang Utan. This one is female, and she was preety shy, her keeper is a boy and she hug him all the time. You can touch her, shake her hand, take a picture of her but cannot be taken picture with her.

Ohhh i'm gonna so be back here soon !!

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